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Before selling
    It is our service tenet that customer is the god. We provide you timely, perfect technical and commercial consultation according to your different requirements. We also provide you professional design proposal by free site survey. Our company has won good praises of the masses, which brings more and more customers.

    We have professional staff to answer your questions during selling. We provide you perfect technical support for you and also provide you professional design proposal by free site survey.

After selling
    We have built regular return visit system to listen to our customer’s advice and to build files of each customer to provide free technical support. We promise that we shall answer your telephone within one hour. We promise that we shall appoint technical persons if requiring for local service (not including statutory holidays). We have brought more value with our good service.
    We will continue to provide more quality product and service to meet our customer’s requirement. We promise that the whole process from customer’s order to the delivery is finished in time. We are applied to build more satisfied service system to obtain more customers. Customer’s satisfaction is our eternal pursue
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